APICS Certification : The Myths and The Truths

Post date: Jul 28, 2015 3:20:51 AM

Certification Programs are a standard way of distinguishing between qualified and unqualified individuals, companies and institutions.

When it comes to individuals working in the field of production and inventory management and supply chain management, APICS certifications programs are the certifications to go for.

Candidates with APICS CPIM/CSCP certifications are the preferred candidates by most hiring organizations nowadays. This is because Certifications are the preferred way to validate workforce is qualified and competent to perform in a given job role.

The Truths about APICS Certifications

  • APICS certification adds to your credibility as a professional

  • APICS certification provides greater opportunities for employment, promotion and increased earning potential

  • APICS certification may be required to perform in a given job role

It is easy to sink in the Truth Values of APICS certifications for Individuals.

But there are some false beliefs that we need to be aware of.

The Myths about APICS Certifications

  1. For Individuals : With APICS Certifications, it means more money for me. As you know, you are paid for what you do and NOT for what you know. APICS certifications will ONLY mean more money to you IF you practise what you learn from APICS CPIM/CSCP Body of knowledge and bring some improvements that affect your company's bottom line.

  2. For Employers : If I sponsor my workforce for APICS certifications, they will leave to go to another job. One might think that once someone is trained and certified, he will move to the highest bidder and go to another company. Research has shown the opposite; employers who pay attention to their employees through continuous personal improvement, such as training and certifications, are more likely to see employees staying with that company.

People are our Greatest Asset. For employers who invest in developing their employees, people are their greatest asset. A pool of talented employees would help take the business to the next level.

Start investing in your career and your future with APICS certifications.

Start investing and developing your own employees with APICS Certifications and APICS Education Program.

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