Set Your Self Apart with APICS Certification

Post date: Apr 24, 2015 10:19:56 AM

' Allen was just a Senior Warehouse Supervisor with Company X. As Allen did not possess any traditional Paper Qualification, it was hard for his Company to promote him to a more senior level or for him to get a better job elsewhere.

Things start to change when his Company sent him to attend APICS CPIM course and he finally graduated with APICS CPIM certification. Allen was very grateful to his company, and contributed back by implementing many improvement activities in his work area and he eventually got himself promoted to a Warehouse Manager.

Allen's career took a further turning point. He was offered a position as a Sr Warehouse Manager with a one of the fastest growing companies on the earth..... '

APICS Certification can do wonders to your career life if you use all the skills and knowledge that you gain through the APICS Certification Program. Just see how APICS CPIM program had changed Allen's life for the better.

You , too, can experience the same wonderful feeling that Allen had and bring your career to a new level or a new direction.

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